STEP Council of the Genesee Region

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As STEP is a 501 (c)(3) organization, all donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to donate on-line, we accept donations through PayPal.

To submit a donation, please click the STEP Donation button:

STEP Donation

If you would prefer to donate through the mail, please send donations to:

PO Box 18023
Rochester, NY 14618-0023

Donations can also be made through the United Way during their annual campaign using the designation for STEP Council of the Genesee Region – 1125 or through the annual ROC the Day event.


The Endowment is a special fund established for the support of innovative programs of STEP. Donations made to the Endowment are invested and used only for new programs in EMS education or improvements. If you prefer that your donation be put into the Endowment Fund, please submit your on-line donation using the Endowment Donation button:

Endowment Donation

Donations to the Endowment Fund can also be mailed to:

STEP Endowment Fund
PO Box 18023
Rochester, NY 14618-0023