STEP Council of the Genesee Region


Conference Committee:

This group plans and oversees the annual conference that seeks to increase the interaction of the various organizations involved in the health and safety of the community – EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Hospitals and other support services. The committee’s main roles are:

  • contacting speakers for the plenary sessions and workshops
  • making arrangements with the conference site
  • advertising and promotion of the conference
  • securing supplies and AV equipment for the conference
  • securing donations for the silent auction
  • managing the continuing medical education credits and distributing the information to conference attendees

ESD Committee

This group manages and oversees the website that seeks to gather and share information about a wide variety of public health and safety organizations including EMS agencies, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, physicians (with their affiliated hospitals), and other local, state, and national resources. The website also has listing of upcoming educational opportunities around NYS, and other useful educational website links, including the EMS protocols for each region. There is also a news page where alerts from the Department of Health and others are listed along with major STEP news.


History Committee

The STEP Council of the Genesee Region’s History and Archives committee manages the Emergency Medical Services collection.

Its mission is:

To collect and preserve historical materials relating to emergency services in the Genesee Region and to chronicle their development.

It is housed at the Rochester Medical Museum & Archives located at the Rochester Academy of Medicine. The committee works with EMS organizations in the region to collect, catalog, and organize historical information and equipment that reflect the development of pre-hospital care in the region. Additionally The committee develops and creates historical exhibits to educate the community about this important history.

Preserving the History of EMS First Responders

From the first volunteer fire companies to the present highly skilled Emergency First Responders, the development of emergency services and pre-hospital care continues to play an important part in modern life.


The History and Archives committee continues to search out and collect important historical data and equipment that tells the story of the history of EMS. Working with educators from Monroe Community College’s EMS training program at the Public Safety Training Facility, the new graduates learn this important history through exhibits and presentations so the next generation of First Responders continue to learn from the past and preserve this rich history for the future.

The History and Archives committee has an active oral history project that video interviews prominent members of the EMS community. These Oral Histories catalog the development of the local EMS services through personal experience and provide an important historical resource in scholarly research. The History and Archives committee participates in the annual EMS Conference hosted by the STEP Council of the Genesee Region by educating and promoting the advancement of emergency medical services.

The collection is open to the public by appointment only by calling the Rochester Medical Museum and Archives at (585) 922-1847 at the Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1441 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610

Additional displays of EMS & Public Safety equipment can be found at the Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF), a regional emergency training complex for police, fire and emergency medical personal. It features state-of-the-art aircraft, burn buildings, crime scene, firing range and TEAM/TAC training simulators.

The History, Conference & ESD committees are open to anyone who would like to participate from outside of the STEP organization. If you are interested, contact us at

Other STEP Committees are internal and include:

  • Bylaws – oversees & revises the rules/policies of STEP
  • Finance – oversee the budget process of STEP
  • Nominating – oversees the term of office of current members and gathers information on prospective members to present to the Board of Directors for possible election to the Board.